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OSRM Profile

The OSRM Profile contains the configuration for the routing, most importantly the speed limits per road type. Speeds are set in kilometer per hour. For example:

speed_profile = {
  ["Expressway"] = 120,
  ["National"] = 80,
  ["Provincial"] = 60,
  ["Township"] = 20,

On project setup, you have two options: either start with the default OSRM profile, or upload a custom file.

Default profile

This profile is a good starting point for OSM based datasets and contains sensible defaults. When you select this profile, you can adjust the speed limits once the project is created.

You'll notice that speeds are set based on different attributes like type of the road, its smoothness, or any speed limits. If a particular road segment has multiple tags that define its speed, the lowest will be used. For example for a road of type expressway (120 km/hr) with a bad smoothness (40 km/hr), OSRM will set a speed of 40 km/hr.

The profile editor also allows you to add new tags for each of the categories. This is useful if your dataset contains values that are not included in the original speed profile.

File upload

A custom profile can be provided through file upload. The OSRM project has more information about writing custom profiles.